Alexa is dedicated to the humane treatment of dogs and committed to helping them find quality homes in South Florida.
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Border collie mix
More energy then me (is that possible)
Very lovable Loves people
Loves kids – Love dogs
Hasn’t met cats yet
Chews on everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rottweiler mix
Trained to behave.
Excellent watch dog that is devoted, gently and loving.

Muscular well-mannered 2 year
Male 25-27 inches approx 100 lbs.
Current on immunizations.
Leashed trained
House broken
Sits and shakes paws

Thick black short hair coat with rich tan markings.
Little maintenance

Docile, good natured and loyal
Friendly and a family raised pets

Chow mix
This sunny dog gets the seal of approval from everyone.
Suitable for family and first-time owners.
Adapts well to urban living, however needs space.

Female 22-24 inched approx 50 lbs.
4 years, ID tattoo
Current on immunizations and spayed
Leashed trained
House broken
Sits and shakes paws

Well mannered, intelligent dog and has great charm.
Gentle with children

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